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Customer Quotes

“Great products...one of the best curriculum's out there, great help for teaching our video class" -Christine R., Principal, Trinity Lutheran School, Kalispell, MT

"Screenwriting was awesome, our kids really loved these activities. It was also really nice to provide such a creative curriculum that addresses the standards in such a fun way." - Heather S., Director, After School, City of Fairfield, CA

“Having taught at the high school and college level, I was impressed with this curriculum. The materials and guidance were well put together and very thoughtful." - Michael L., Artist, Shea After School, Syracuse, NY

“This amazing program has enabled my students to comprehend the process of forensic science as well as the sophisticated vocabulary encompassed in the program's lessons.” - Erica T., Freehold Public Schools, Freehold, NJ

“This is a well organized course that I would highly recommend to other programs.” - Chad S., Teacher, School #18, Buffalo, NY

“The program is awesome! I’m doing it as part of an after school enrichment time. Our kids really enjoy the projects and it’s wonderful to use as everything is provided.” - Karen S.,Teacher, Olympic Middle School, WA

“This is the perfect kind of activity for afterschool. It’s fun; students learn by getting involved. Everybody wants to be a part of it!” - Kim L., Program Leader, Child and Adolescent Treatment Services, Buffalo NY

“They love it…it’s awesome. Kids are dying to get in it!” - Audrey A., Teacher, Clifford Marshall Elementary School, Quincy, MA

“The Missing Money Mystery was very easy to follow. The children had such a great time at it, we even allowed our group to re-enact the entire mystery. This mystery was fantastic, and we are looking forward to our next exercise!” - Jackie. J., Director/Detective, Hempstead P.A.L., Hempstead, NY

“The students were engaged and enjoyed the experiments. The story keeps the activities meaningful and provided an interested way to connect Florida Standards. The teacher’s manual was easy to follow and materials in the kits made it very convenient for set up. Overall, this is a great thing to do in afterschool and during the summer!” - Betty C., Teacher, Genesis Center, Leesburg FL

“Playing with Percussion offers an exciting doorway to exploring percussion, communication skills and learning about different cultures." - Sheila K., Site Leader, Accord Corp, Youth Services Division, Belfast NY

"Our kids enjoyed making their own instruments, especially sanding. Playing all those grooves at the end was a lot of fun!" - Nina P., Music teacher, Napa, CA

“The Cookie Jar Mystery was such a big hit at the middle school…which has been tough.”
-Charlie E., Teacher, Lexington County Schools, SC

"The Cookie Jar Mystery went really well, the kids talked about it for weeks.  They were very excited and intrigued with the hands-on activities and I really enjoyed teaching it!"
-Brook T.,Teacher, Lincoln Middle Schools, TN

Discover Engineering for Grades 4-8: Classroom Set(8)

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Product Description

Engineering is a dynamic and innovative field constantly seeking the brightest minds of the future, and the Discover Engineering Kit developed by PCS Edventures is designed to cultivate the young engineers of tomorrow. In order to prepare students for rapidly evolving technology, this kit combines the latest methods proven by research to get students excited about learning. While introducing the basic concepts of engineering, activities in the Discover Engineering Kit foster confidence, critical thinking and other important 21st century skills. In addition to using hands-on building manipulatives, Discover Engineering utilizes cutting-edge technology to engage students with a variety of learning styles. The 3D Interactive Build Curriculum (3DIC) allows users to move through build plans step-by-step at their own speed, and has the ability to highlight individual pieces for clarity. Compatible with any desktop computer or mobile device including tablets, the 3DIC transforms the way engineering can be taught with technology. Projects in the Discover Engineering Kit are diverse in content covering topics such as gear trains, power ratios and complex machines. It is designed to be fun and engaging for students while they construct models such as trebuchets, cart launchers, transmission models and more! Each Discover Engineering kit, suitable for 1-4 students, is designed to meet the specific intellectual needs of students in grades 4-8 and be versatile for different educational environments and easy to utilize for educators.


Single Kit

  • 642 fishertechnik™ Building Elements
  • Compartmentalized Storage Bin with Lid
  • Instructor Guide
  • Student Guide
  • 12 Build Plans

Club Pack

The Discover Engineering Club Pack comes with five (5) individual kits, each of which is suitable for 1-4 students. To get most for your money, and your learning environment, choose the Club Pack! This bundle is perfect for small classrooms with up to 20 students, after-school programs, homeschool groups and more. Get your students engineering today!

Grades: 4-8Students: Up to 6 per kitContact Hours: 25+

Classroom Pack

The Discover Engineering Classroom Pack includes eight (8) individual kits, which are stored in a high-quality hardwood furniture unit with rolling casters. These furniture units are made specially to house these kits and are both beautiful and strong, designed for many years of use. Each kit, is meant to be used with 1-4 students, so the Classroom Pack can be utilized with groups of 16-64 students!


Engineering Learning Modules

  • Pulleys
  • Levers
  • Wheel & Axle
  • Power Transfer
  • Flexible Power Systems
  • Gear Trains
  • Worm Gears
  • Complex Machines
  • Speed Ratios
  • Power Ratios
  • Drive Train